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User Permissions Update

  • You can now assign customized permissions for your users. When you edit the user in your account area you can choose if they can view, create, edit and/or delete each section within Kn{owl}edge.
  • Non-admins can now only view/delete their own reports.
  • Non-admins can now only view/undo their own event logs.
  • Field suggest dropdowns improved.

"On Hold" for SKUs on Sales Orders

  • Now when a SKU is added to a Sales Order a hold is placed on the related inventory items

SKU Mergers & UI Improvements

  • SKUs can now be merged from the SKU list page
  • The side menu UI has been updated to make it clear which section you're in

Listview Filter and Report Enhancements

  • The category filter on the sku and item list pages now accepts partial searches
  • The name filter on the sku and item list pages now has autocomplete suggestions
  • Added item status column to the Detailed Inventory report
  • Added counts for On-Hold and Check Out/Rented to the Summarized Inventory report
  • Added Check Out Date filters for Summarized and Detailed Inventory reports

Inventory Place Configuration

  • Sales order configuration for Inventory Places has been reworked. Now you can choose:
    • whether or not it allows Sales Orders,
    • whether or not those Sales Orders will require payments,
    • and which other Inventory Places can provide inventory when a SKU runs out.
  • Sales Order Questionnaires will now suggest previous email addresses.


  • The Tutorials section has been added (accessible from the documentation area). More tutorials will be added over time.
  • The "All Gone" button on the Inventory Item page has been renamed to "Out of Stock".

Arrangeable Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields can now be rearranged from the Custom Fields page.

Required Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields can now be marked as Required.
  • Customer and Sales Order Custom Fields have a few additional choices for how the can be Required.
  • Customer fields can now be marked as Required.
  • Dropdown & Radio Custom Fields may now be without a default choice.
  • Hid the "Returns" button on the Sales Order receipt when no items can be returned.
  • When editing an Open Sales Order, the Customer edit button now properly appears.

Sales Order Holds

  • Open Sales Orders will now set the status for assigned Inventory Items to "On Hold", preventing them from being added to a different Sales Order.
  • Fixed the "History" pod on the Inventory Item page to only show events for that Inventory Item
  • Added Inventory Item status to the Inventory Item page (when not in-stock)

Sales Orders Questionnaires

  • Sales Order and Customer fields now have settings for Customer Visible and Customer Editable
  • Now when creating a Sales Order you can send a questionnaire to the customer for them to fill fields that you allow
  • Added "Checked Out To" and "Due Date" columns to detailed inventory report (when applicable)
  • Added feature to be able to mark SKUs as discontinued