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In Kn{owl}edge, each individual item has its own unique values and history. Each item can have unique values such as Expiration Date, Lot Number, or Condition. Each item has its own history of how it arrived into your inventory, how much it cost to acquire, the physical path through your facility, and finally who it was sold to or who used the item.

Inventory Management System

Kn{owl}edge is highly customizable and easy to use.

Detailed Item History

Each individual item within Kn{owl}edge has detailed information and it's own history of it's flow through your facility.

Barcode Inventory

Kn{owl}edge generates unique barcodes for all of your inventory items. Alternatively, you can use existing UPC barcodes on your items.

Multiple Level Categorization

Kn{owl}edge supports multiple levels of categorization so that your inventory can be better organized.

Reorder Point Min/Max

Using Reorder Points, Kn{owl}edge will notify you when you need to order more of a particular SKU.

Equipment Check In/Out

With the equipment check in/out system in Kn{owl}edge your items will keep a history of who checked out your equipment and when.

Custom Fields

Custom Inventory Fields allows you to track any information that you want on each item, sku or category record.
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Customer Management System

Store your customer information directly in Kn{owl}edge.

Sales Orders

Organize your Sales Orders by assigning them to a Customer record for easy retrieval later.

Unique Customer IDs

Each customer has a unique barcode customer ID that you can easily scan and attach to a Sales Order.

Custom Fields

Custom Customer Fields allows you to track any information that you want on each customer record.
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Sales Orders

Sales Orders allows you to combine all items that a customer will receive in one easy step, providing you with the total to charge the customer.

Barcode Scanning

Quickly add inventory to a Sales Order using a barcode scanner.

Discounts, Shipping & Taxes Adjustments

Include any discounts, shipping or taxes that you'd like to your Sales Order.

Email Customer Questionnaire

You can email your customers through Kn{owl}edge, providing them a link to fill in a questionnaires to populate customer or sales order fields before they purchase.

Email Quote

Create a quote and email it to your customer. The customer can then review the quote and approve or reject the quote within Kn{owl}edge.

Equipment Rental

Rental equipment on your Sales Order will be rented to your customer instead of sold. You can also include a due date if desired.

Email/Print Receipt

After you create a Sales Order you can email or print a receipt for your customer.

Custom Fields

Custom Sales Order Fields allows you to track even more information on each Sales Order.
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Detailed Users Permissions

Setting specific user permissions allows you to limit the changes that some of your staff are able to make to your inventory - keeping things in order.

Change Tracking with Undo Features

All changes to your inventory are tracked and can be reverted back with a simple click.


Generating reports in Kn{owl}edge is easy and allows you to crunch the numbers in all areas of your inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

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