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Sales Order Report Filters

  • If you have more than one "store" Inventory Place, you can now filter the sales order reports by Inventory Places.

Label Filters

  • Added filters to the Label list page.

Reorder Point Update

  • Changed "Reserve Amount" to "Reorder Min" on both Categories and SKUs.
  • Added "Reorder Max" to to Categories and SKUs.
  • Updated the low stock notification on the dashboard.
  • Added an "edit" link for the Customer field on Sales Orders which allows you to edit the existing customer's fields from the Sales Order.

Enhanced Sales Order Barcode Scanning

  • You can now generate barcode labels for predefined Customer and Sales Order custom fields.
  • Scanning barcodes for Sales Order custom fields will now populate the appropriate field on the Sales Order.
  • Scanning barcodes for Customer custom fields while in a Sales Order will update the Customer record.
  • A button at the bottom of the Customer list page has been added where you can generate a label sheet of new Customer barcodes.
  • From the Kit list page now print kit labels.

Defined values for custom fields

  • Added ability to set defined values for custom fields rather than having a free form input field.
  • Fixed the "clear filters" buttons on list pages.
  • Fixed Category custom fields displaying on the SKU list page.
  • Fixed the price column in the detailed inventory report.

Sales Order and Customer Custom Fields

  • Added ability to add custom Sales Order fields.
  • Added ability to add custom Customer fields.
  • Added configuration options on Sales Order list page to customize which columns show.
  • Added configuration options on Customer list page to customize which columns show.
  • Added Customer ID value to Customers.
  • Removed "Commission" Sales Order field.

Inventory Check Out from SKU Page

  • Added check out button on the SKU page next to each grouping of items.

Inventory Check Out - Due Dates

  • Added the option to add a due date for inventory check outs.
  • Added interface to Inventory Item view page for easier check out and usage options.
  • Added Inventory settings section to allow different Kn{owl}edge features to be enabled/disabled.
  • Added settings to enable/disable Printable Labels.
  • Fixed some bugs with Sales Orders.

Pricing, Kits and Rent/Check Out

  • Fixed some issues with adding Inventory Kits (formerly known as Item Groups).
  • Added setting on SKUs to indicate if that SKU is purchased or checked out when it's added to a Sales Order.
  • Added SKU pricing and added inherit option for item pricing.
  • Adjusted "Depleted Items" toggle for item listview to be statuses including new "Checked Out"

Added SKUs to Sales Order from Listview

  • You can now add SKUs and Inventory Items to a Sales Order directly from their respective listview using the checkboxes and the dropdown at the bottom.
  • There is now a "Current Inventory" interfaces that displays when interacting with the quantity field on a Sales Order.

Added Sales Order Returns Feature

  • You can now accept returns on completed Sales Orders. The returned items can either be placed back in inventory or marked as discarded.

Added Send Quote Feature

  • You can not send a quote to a customer for Pick-up and Shipped orders. They will receive an email with a link to approve or reject the order.

Reorder Point & Price/Cost Fields

  • The "Reserve Amount" field on SKUs has been relabeld to "Reorder Point" to better explain what it is
  • Added optional "Reorder Point (Count)" field to give you two ways to populate the Reorder Point
  • Seperated the toggle for built-in field Price/Cost to have two separate toggles

Sales Tax Bug Fixes

  • Added Tax information to the Sales Order reports
  • Fixed a couple bugs with tax calculations on Sales Orders

Sales Order Commission Field

  • Added Merchadise Total logic: Sales Order Subtotal + Order Discounts
  • Added Commission field on Sales Orders
  • Added Commission filter to Sales Order reports
  • Updated Sales Order reports columns and logic

Add Inventory Items on SKU view page fixes

  • Fixed Expiration Date field when adding new Items
  • Fixed validation for blank lines when adding new Items
  • Add validation to require Location when adding new Items

Add Inventory Dashboard Widget

  • There is now a dashboard widget to help speed up adding inventory if you primarily use the SKU section for adding inventory

Canceling Completed Orders

  • You can now cancel Sales Orders that have reached Completed status
  • Scanning a barcode into the dashboard that matches a SKU will now bring you to the SKU's view page

Tablet and Mobile device styling

  • Updated Sales Order line item, search shows "clarified" name but made the field populate with just the name
  • Updated Sales Order styling
  • Adjusted styling throughout the site for tablets and mobile devices
  • Added "Related Changes" section to the bottom of SKU and Item "view" pages and moved Date Added and Date Modified down there
  • Updated Location changing on Inventory Item listview to require a Location to be entered/selected

SKU section & Inventory Audit

  • Added Inventory Audit feature. Documentation is coming soon. This section allows you to create an inventory audit for an Inventory Location, scan in all the Inventory Items at that location, and then see what doesn't quite match up correct.
  • Added SKU section, listview, view page and edit page
  • Added view pages for most sections of the website. This allows for more information to be displayed rather than trying to show it all on an edit page
  • Added additional navigation in the panel headers and below the panels on pages to make it easier to get around
  • Fixed Qty Remaining so when you change the % it updates the related field
  • Fixed the suggest UI in some cases were it was showing up in weird spots
  • Fixed bug that would double add a tax rate to an Inventory Category

Place/Location fixes & Customer view page

  • Updated multiple Place support when changing Location of Inventory Items from the listview
  • Added Place column to Inventory Item listview.
  • Fixed Location filter on Inventory Item listview
  • Added Customer view page with their orders
  • Improved the clickable area on the form field suggest UI

Improved Sales Order Receipts & Documentation Updates

  • The Sales Order receipts no longer open in a new window
  • Added table of contents to some larger documentation pages
  • Merged Sales Order line items that are identical on receipts
  • Shortened new Inventory Item and Sales Order ids to make the barcodes work better
  • Fixed a bug where a Sales Order didn't realize it was paid for

Inventory Stock Adjustment Documentation

  • Added documentation page for Inventory Stock Adjustments
  • Updated Inventory Item documentation
  • Updated wording on Inventory Item's Price Type dropdown
  • Sped up homepage

Sales Order Payments Update

  • Added Gift Card payment method for Sales Orders
  • Added "+ Add New" button on Sales Order receipt page to make it easier to checkout the next customers
  • Updated Accept Payment step of Sales Orders to be more clear
  • Added extra handling for Cash Back (negative cash payment)
  • Updated Sales Order styling and functionality for tablet and mobile phone views

Stock Adjustment Field

  • There is now a "Stock Adjustment" field when you are adding/editing Inventory Items. This dropdown will help classify what type of stock adjustment is being made. Down the road there will be a listview to view these adjustments and also the usage report will be updated to allow you to filter by these classifications. We also plan to back populate this new type of classification for previous adjustments.
  • Added SKU and Discount filters to the Sales Order listview
  • Updating the Place of an Item now clears the Location field to avoid accidently creating a new Location on the newly selected Place

Updated Documentation & Some Bug Fixes

  • Updated Sales Order to pull from stock at the Sales Order's Place first (Example, Sales Order for a Store will pull from that Store's Inventory Locations before pulling from that Store's Stockroom)
  • Added documentation for Inventory Places & Inventory Locations
  • Updated Sales Order documentation
  • Made help documentation publicly accessible
  • Sped up some sections of the website
  • Fixed bug with deleting Inventory Places
  • Fixed display issue when deleting line items from a Sales Order

Sales Orders Update


We've made a lot of improvements to Sales Orders. Some of the features are will be worked on so we welcome any feedback or feature requests. We've also made some other related changes and general improvements:

  • We've added "Places" which allows you to identify one or more Places where you keep inventory. For instance, if you have multiple stores or even a single store and you want to track the sales floor and the stockroom semi separately. We'll be adding more features down the road utitlizing Places, but for now each account will need to create at least 1 Place.
  • Locations must now be assigned to a Place.
  • Updated the Inventory Item page so that "Quantity Remaining" field no longer has a confusing editable denominator.
  • Fixed issue when "Quantity Remaining" wasn't a whole number.
  • Here are some of the features added to Sales Orders
    • Abilty to add Customers to Sales Orders
    • Added Sales Tax section so you can specify what Sales Taxes you must charge customers
    • Added Walkin, Pickup, and Delivery types to Sales Orders
    • Added ability to set line item and order level discounts
    • Added ability to specify delivery charge
    • Added fulfillment step for Pickup and Delivery orders, enabling a Pickticket version of the Sales Order
    • Added two print versions of the Sales Order receipt as well as an email feature
    • Hid Orders section if you don't have a Place of type Store

Reorder Reserve on SKUs


Just like how you've been able to set the reorder point ("Reserve Amount") on Categories, you can now set them directly on your SKUs. If you want to make sure you have a certain amount of a given SKU on hand, you can set the Reserve Amount on it rather than having to set it on the Category level.

Expiration Date Dashboard Widget


There is now a configurable dashboard widget for expiration dates.

Quality of Life Updates


Based on feedback from the ASCLS exhibit we've added a few quality of life improvements to Kn{owl}edge.

  • Renamed "Shared Fields" to "SKU Fields" to help clear up confusion.
  • The Name field no longer needs to be unique. Different SKUs can share the same name.
  • Updated the Inventory Item name search to also include additional details to help distinguish which SKU is which.
  • Updated the field edit page to better explain the various features.

Sales Orders


We've added Sales Orders! If you sell multiple items to your customers, Sales Orders will help you track the sales more easily. We're looking for feedback on what you'd like to see added to Sales Orders so please feel free to send us feedback if you have any.

  • Built-in Fields can now be turned on or off in the Inventory Fields section. (Price, Cost, Expiration Date, and Weight)
  • Sales Orders section now available.
  • Added two reports for Sales Orders. If you need additional filters please let us know.
  • Added Item Groups - common grouping of items that can be added to Sales Orders.

Updating Multiple Inventory Items


From the item list page you can now update values on multiple items via the checkboxes and bottom dropdown.

Inventory Usage Report


The Inventory Usage report now has choices for how to group the data together.

Inventory Summary Report


There is now an Inventory Summary Report available to give you a higher level view of what's your inventory.

Item Barcodes - Out of Stock


When scanning an item barcode (starting with KNI) it will now bring you to that item, even if it's out of stock or deleted.

Standard Price Field


There is now a built-in price field for each item. When you are adding a new item into inventory and you select from an existing barcode or name, it will populate the price field with the last price used for that barcode/name. (You can turn off the price field in your account settings.)

Item Specific Barcodes


Now Kn{owl}edge generates barcodes specific to each item. Newly generated labels (who's barcode starts with KNI) will jump right to that particular item in your inventory rather than having to be select from a list of similar items. Don't worry, existing labels will still work the same way that they have been.

Top 10 Inventory Management Solution Providers


Pelton Solutions featured in the Top 10 Inventory Management Solution Providers of 2018 (Logicists Tech Outlook magazine). read more

Updated Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

5/23/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1.8

With the GDPR update, we've updated our privacy policy, terms & conditions, and cookie policy.

Added Timezone Support

5/22/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1.7

Added support for different timezones. You can set your timezone in your My Settings page.


  • Added "Exact Match" option for custom fields, allowing for more precise listview filtering.
  • Filtering item listview by category now also includes that category's subcategories.

Reports Page

5/9/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1.6

We've updated the way reports are created. Since some reports may take longer than others, now when you request a report it runs in the background, allowing you to do other things while it's generating.

Demo Data

5/8/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1.4 & 2.1.5

With new trials we're now including some example configurations and inventory items to help you see how you might want to arrange your own inventory.

And some bug fixes:

  • "Total" that appears below the item listview when filtering by a single category now works again
  • Autocomplete/Suggest dropdowns for item listview filters now work again
  • Filtering the item listview by something with an "&" should work again
  • The reset button on the listview filters should now actually clear out everything

Spring Cleaning

4/30/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1.3

We've moved the informational Kn{owl}edge page from the main website, and put it here on the Kn{owl}edge site. Also, we've fixed some login bugs and simplified the trial sign-up process.

Faster Inventory List

4/30/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1.2

We've updated the inventory list page technology to make it much faster.

Kn{owl}edge 2.1 brings you the Event Log and easy Undo features!

4/16/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.1

With the release of Kn{owl}edge 2.1 we've reworked the "changes" tracking to provide you with a filterable list of events and changes of your inventory. Each of these events now feature an easy Undo feature. read more

Kn{owl}edge 2.0 makes tracking inventory even easier!

4/2/2018 Kn{owl}edge 2.0

With the release of Kn{owl}edge 2.0 we've simplified many aspects of tracking your inventory. Managing multi-level categories has been made easier and we've removed 'Inventory Types' from view entirely. Plus much more! read more