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What are Inventory Categories?

Inventory Categories are the top most level of your inventory system. You can have multiple layers of categories if you wish, or you can create a single layer of Inventory Categories that have no child Inventory Categories. Inventory Category within the same parent category must be unique.

Here's where they fit in the structure (Inventory Categories are in bold)

  • Parent Inventory Category A
    • Child Inventory Category A
    • Child Inventory Category B
      • Inventory SKU Fields A
      • Inventory SKU Fields B
        • Inventory Item A
        • Inventory Item B
        • Inventory Item C
        • Inventory Item D
      • Inventory SKU Fields C
    • Child Inventory Category C
  • Parent Inventory Category B

As you can see, Inventory Categories take up the top most layer(s) of your inventory system. When adding Inventory Items into the system you assign them to an Inventory Category. You could technically assign Inventory Items to parent (top most) or child (bottom most) Inventory Categories, but we recommend only assigning Inventory Items to your bottom most Inventory Categories for better organization.

Here's another example of how a video game store might organize their inventory: (Inventory Categories are in bold)

  • Console Games
    • XBox Games
    • Playstation 4 Games
      • Destiny 2; Barcode 0123456789012346
      • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy; Barcode 0123456789012345
        • added into system on 11/17/2022; 2/5 boxes remaining
        • added into system on 11/24/2022; 5/5 boxes remaining
        • added into system on 11/29/2022; 5/5 boxes remaining
      • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War; Barcode 0123456789012347
    • Nintendo Switch Games
  • Console Systems
  • Accessories

In the above example the video game store chose to have a parent Inventory Category called "Console Games" and then subdivide those into console games for various gaming systems. For their "Accessories" parent Inventory Category they may choose to divide them like the following example:

  • Console Games
  • Console Systems
  • Accessories
    • XBox Accessories
    • Playstation 4 Accessories
      • Dualshock Playstation 4 Controller; Barcode 0123456789012348
      • PlayStation USB Wireless Adapter; Barcode 0123456789012349
        • added into system on 11/21/2022; 1/3 boxes remaining
        • added into system on 11/28/2022; 3/3 boxes remaining
      • T80 Racing Wheel; Barcode 0123456789012342
    • Nintendo Switch Accessories

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