What are Inventory Categories

Inventory Categories are the top most level of your inventory system. You can have multiple layers of categories if you wish, or you can create a single layer of Inventory Categories that have no child Inventory Categories.

What are Inventory SKUs

Inventory SKUs describe a collection of Inventory Items that share the same Name, Amount/Units, and might share the same UPC.

What are Inventory Items

Inventory Items represent the physical items on the shelf.

What are Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to create fields within Kn{owl}edge and assign them to either the categories, skus, or items.

What are Location Groups

Location Groups are used to group your Inventory Locations. Using these you can define logical separates within your organization, multiple Stores, Stockrooms, Distribution Center, etc.

What are Inventory Locations

Inventory Locations are used to describe where within a Location Groups contains your Inventory Items. Examples might be Zone 1 or a specific bin.

What are Inventory Stock Adjustment

Inventory Stock Adjustment are used to track how much and what type of stock changes occur with your inventory.

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