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What are Location Groups?

Location Groups represents the top level of your inventory. Inventory Locations are assigned to a Location Group. Location Groups are places like stores, warehouses, stockrooms, and distribution centers. Breaking up your inventory into multiple Location Groups, even for a small store with a stockroom, can help streamline the Sales Order process.

Here's an example of how you might utilize Location Groups for a single store that also has a stockroom in the back that stores extra stock not on the shelf. You'd create two Location Groups, one is the for the Store, and one is for the Stockroom. When Sales Orders are created for the Store, it matches the UPC barcodes and deducts from your inventory it will pull from the Store's Inventory Locations before it will pull stock from the Stockroom. This more accurately matches where the inventory was actually pulled from since customers aren't in your stockroom pulling out merchandise.

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