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Efficient Plumbing Inventory Management with Kn{owl}edge

Managing inventory for a plumbing company can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with multiple vans and a warehouse. However, with Kn{owl}edge's inventory management software, you can easily track inventory levels across all facilities, including individual vans.

With Kn{owl}edge, you can set up each van as a separate facility and track inventory levels separately. This means you can set reorder points for each van, ensuring that you always have the right amount of inventory on hand for each vehicle. When creating a sales order for a customer during a site visit, you can assign the particular van as the facility, and the inventory pulled from the sales order comes from that van's facility.

At the end of the day, when the van is back at the warehouse, you can easily see what inventory levels are low based on that van's reorder points. With this information, you can move inventory from the warehouse facility to the van's facility within Kn{owl}edge.

In addition to the inventory management features, Kn{owl}edge also offers custom fields, which allow you to track specific information about each customer or order. This feature is particularly useful for plumbing companies, as it allows you to track the location of each job site, the type of work being performed, and other important details.

Kn{owl}edge also offers reporting capabilities, which allow you to generate custom reports on inventory levels, sales, and other key metrics. This feature can help you identify trends and make informed decisions about your inventory management strategy.

In conclusion, if you are a plumbing company looking to streamline your inventory management process, Kn{owl}edge is the solution you need. With its advanced inventory tracking capabilities, custom fields, and reporting features, you can stay on top of your inventory levels and ensure that you always have the right amount of stock on hand for every job.

Ready to take your inventory management to the next level? Try Kn{owl}edge for free for 14 days and see the difference it can make for your business.