Kn{owl}edge 2.1 brings you the Event Log and easy Undo features!

Kn{owl}edge 2.1 brings you the Event Log and easy Undo features!

With the release of Kn{owl}edge 2.1 we've reworked the "changes" tracking to provide you with a filterable list of events and changes of your inventory. Each of these events now feature an easy Undo feature. Confirmation notifications that display after you've saved your changes now include a handy Undo link in case you made a mistake.

We've also changed the labels section a little. Instead of a single "Print" button above the listview, you now check the checkboxes in front of the labels you want to add to the label sheet and then pick the action from the dropdown at the bottom. (Note that there's also the checkbox at the top of the listview that will check all the checkbox labels on the page.) You can also delete labels or remove labels from label sheets from the new dropdown.

Also, the delete feature for label sheets has been reworked a little. Now if you delete a label sheet, all printed labels attached to them are also deleted along with the label sheet. You can now also delete label sheets from the label sheet listview if you want to delete them in bulk. If you delete an unprinted label sheet the related labels are not deleted but instead are unassigned from the label sheet being deleted.

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What's Next?

Our next update will feature an Audit feature. You'll be able to effectively compare your physical inventory with what's assigned to that location in Kn{owl}edge and correct any discrepancies. Additionally, we're planning to include time zone support, time permitting.