Kn{owl}edge 2.0 makes tracking inventory even easier!

Kn{owl}edge 2.0 makes tracking inventory even easier!

With the release of Kn{owl}edge 2.0 we've simplified many aspects of tracking your inventory. Managing multi-level categories has been made easier and we've removed the unique category name requirement. We've also removed "Inventory Types" from view entirely. (Not familiar with what that is? Don't worry about it, it's out of sight!)

We've also updated the inventory list filters to provide you with more options to find exactly what you're looking for. The inventory list page has also been optimized for faster load times.

We've added a brand-new custom field type for "Currency". You can now track dollar values for your inventory.

You may also notice some labels for fields have changed. We received some feedback that they were a little confusing so we've updated them!
  • "Amount" for an item is now "Quantity per Item"
  • "Amount Left" is now "Quantity Remaining"

Tired of accidentally losing your work when leaving a page before saving? Kn{owl}edge 2.0 now detects when you've made a change and warns you.

You can now delete categories with subcategories and/or items inside it, you'll simply have to pick a replacement category for those things to be assigned to.

There are a few other quality of life changes.
  • Fields with the suggest interface can now be tabbed through
  • Save and Delete form buttons now change to indicate that the button was clicked
  • Deleting a category or item no longer performs validation on fields

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What's Next?

Our next update will feature an improved inventory update tracker with "undo" capabilities. Ever save your changes and realize you updated the wrong item? With one simple click you can undo your changes.